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Tired of spending time each month having to file confusing sales tax returns?

Let our team at ETA save you time and file your sales tax returns! 

Our Expert Tax & Accounting team know how difficult and confusing the constantly changing sales tax returns can be. We stay up-to-date on sales tax law changes and know how to best report your sales, no matter the business. 

Give us your sales reports, and we’ll take care of the rest!

sales tax filing services

  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Filings
  • Electronic Filing of the Returns
  • Electronic Payments Scheduled From Your Bank Account
    • Courtesy Emails Sent to You with Sales Tax Amounts Paid​
  • On Time and Accurate Filings​​ ​


Our prices vary from location of sales tax returns filed and frequency of filing. Call for a free estimate today!

  • Start at $40/Month for Monthly
  • Start at $50/Quarter for Quarterly
  • Start at $50/Year for Annual

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